Wellhead Protection Program

What is the Wellhead Protection Program?

The Wellhead Protection Program (WHPP) provides the community with a proactive plan for protecting our drinking water supply and is enforced by the Wellhead Protection Ordinance (WHPO). This ordinance was designed and approved to protect the public water supply by identifying threats in areas where groundwater is vulnerable to contamination. A "Wellhead Protection Zone" has been identified as the area whose ground water has the greatest potential to be negatively impacted from activities conducted on the surface above it. Leaking septic tanks, improper use of pesticides/fertilizer, abandoned wells, underground/above ground storage tanks and uncontained spills of gasoline, oil or chemicals are examples of activites that could adversely impact our community's water supply. The WHPP/WHPO provides the community with a contaminant source inventory of the “Wellhead Protection Zone”, strategies to protect the groundwater supply, a contingency plan and a plan to educate community members about the importance of protecting the groundwater supply.

How does the WHPP affect me?

Plainfield Charter Township draws its 16-million-gallon-per-day water supply from 16 wells located in three separate well fields. Protecting these sensitive areas is of vital importance. The groundwater in much of these areas is less than 20 feet below ground with no protective layer of clay. What does this mean? Should contaminants get into the ground, they may spread very quickly into the community’s wells, polluting the drinking water. The township has enacted the WHPO to protect the public water supply. By abiding by the WHPO and following the safe practices set forth by the WHPP, you can keep safe for many years to come!

What can I do to protect our water supply?

You can help protect the water supply by familiarizing yourself with the Wellhead Protection Ordinance and the Wellhead Protection Program as well as following safe disposal and containment practices. Interested in a tour of the Plainfield Water Treatment Plant? Contact Don Petrovich at 363-9660.

Wellhead Protection Committee

The Wellhead Protection Program is the result of the dedicated efforts of our community Wellhead Protection Committee. This Committee consists of water department personnel, the engineering firm of Prein & Newhof, various township department staff, a local business representative, and the health and fire department. Join them and the Plainfield Protector in safeguarding our community and water supply.