About the Water Department

Contact the Water Department for information regarding water quality, water treatment, the cross-connection program and groundwater contamination at (616) 363-9660.

The Plainfield Charter Township Water Department gets its excellent quality raw water from 11 wells located in two separate well fields.  Varying in size, these wells can pump 600 to 1450 gallons of water per minute, for a total raw water supply capacity of approximately 17.8 million gallons a day.  This raw water supply is moved to and treated at the water plant, which has a capacity to distribute and treat 16 million gallons per day – meeting every federal and state requirement for safe drinking water.

The water treatment plant is a full treatment, lime-softening facility.  In the water distribution system, there are over 230 miles of water main, over 9,000 water meters and over 2,000 valves and hydrants respectively.  There are 14 water tanks ranging in capacity from 200,000 gallons to over four million gallons of water.  Five pump stations move water to our tanks and four pressure districts, providing water to Plainfield Township, Alpine Township, Grand Rapids Township, Algoma Township and a small part of the City of Walker. The Plainfield Charter Township Water Department proudly serves over 40,000 residents.

The department staff includes:

  • Five Management Professionals
  • One Administrative Professional
  • Five Water Plant Operators
  • Eight Water Service Workers

Take a Virtual Tour of Plainfield Township's Water DepartmentWatch the YouTube video below to learn more about where our water comes from, how it’s treated, and the people who bring safe, clean drinking water right to your faucet. Want to learn more? The Plainfield Township Water Department offers free tours Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. year-round. Ask questions, meet the Water Department team and learn more about Township water quality. Click here to learn more about scheduling a tour.