GAC Filtration

GAC filters (website)

The Water Plant has the ability to treat up to 16 million gallons of water per day using granular activated carbon, or GAC, filtration. 

GAC filtration has been proven to be highly effective in eliminating PFAS, bacteria, pathogens and other undesirable elements from drinking water by using its activated carbon material to absorb contaminants from the water as they filter through.

The plant treats an average of 2.6 million gallons of water per day in the winter and 6 million gallons per day during the summer months, with peak demand around 11 million gallons on hot, dry summer days.

The GAC filtration project began in 2018 with a grant from the state to study the effectiveness of GAC filtration in eliminating PFAS compounds in municipal drinking water. After a successful 20-month pilot study, the Water Department has steadily expanded its GAC filtration system over the past three years. 

The Water Department continues to replace GAC material in its filters on a regular basis with new, clean GAC as part of ongoing maintenance. This will ensure the facility’s filtration system continues to be highly effective in providing safe and clean drinking water to residents.

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