Site Plan Review

District Requirement:  

All work done in the multi-family or non-residential zoning districts (R-3, R-4, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, O, LI, I, PUD zones) requires site plan review and approval prior to the issuance of a building permit. The scope of the proposed project will determine whether the review will be done administratively (through Community Development Department staff) or through the Planning Commission. 

Administrative Site Plan Review:
Community Development Department staff can review and approve project site plans in the following circumstances: 

  1. An increase in building size that does not exceed 7,500 square feet or 15% of the floor area, whichever is smaller. 
  2.  A change in a site plan approved by the Planning Commission involving the following:
    • Shape, lighting, or appearance of signs 
    • Change of location or type of landscape materials 
    • Internal rearrangement of parking lots
    • Additions to parking areas provided such addition is for not more than 20 parking spaces
    • Decrease in the number or size of buildings
    • Moving a building no more than 10 feet or 5% of the distance to the closest property line, whichever is smaller
    • Decrease in the number of lots or units 
HOW TO APPLY: If your project falls into the scope of work described above, a separate site plan development application is NOT required. 

Planning Commission Site Plan Review: 
Any site plan that is outside of the scope of what can be approved administratively must be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission.  

HOW TO APPLY:   Please contact Community Development Staff to set up a preapplication meeting. Then, a completed Development Application is required to move forward in the process along with 4 copies of materials for a development review with the Fire Department and Township Engineer. After plans are finalized, 9 copies of plans are required to distribute to staff and the Planning Commissioners prior to the scheduled meeting. 

Further information can be found in Chapter 32 of the Plainfield Charter Township  Zoning Ordinance. 

Site Plan Requirements 
Please click HERE to view the site plan review checklist to see what is required to be shown on the site plan for both administrative and Planning Commission site plan review. 

Projects NOT requiring Site Plan Review: 
  1. Construction of a one or two-family dwelling
  2. Construction solely on the interior of a building that does not increase useable floor area
  3. Construction or erection of retaining walls, fences, refuse containers, sidewalks, lights, and cooling, heating, or mechanical equipment when located on a building or occupying a ground area of less than 100 square feet.