Land Division

Land Division Process
The Plainfield Charter Township Land Division Ordinance and the Michigan Land Division Act both require that proposed land divisions go through an approval process which is facilitated through the Community Development Department.  Once the land division application and its supporting documents are received by the department, there is a 45-day review window. If the land division is approved, the applicant then has 90 days to file the new deed(s) with the Kent County Register of Deeds.

Required Supporting Documents: 
1. Proof of Ownership
2. Survey Map of Parcel with Proposed Division 
3. Access Method

If the project is a boundary change, please fill out this application

Please note: Changes to legal descriptions will not be recognized until the tax year following the change. Owners of the existing parcels prior to the proposed changes will be responsible for taxes until the change has been made and acknowledged in the Assessment and Tax Rolls the following year. 

With questions on the taxation aspect of land divisions, please contact the Assessing Department at 616-726-8880

With any other questions on land divisions, please contact Peter Elam, Senior Planner, by email or by calling 616-364-1190.