Commercial Development

The Development Review Process

Commercial Development includes any development of non-residential uses and sites.

Any new commercial construction and any expansion of an existing commercial building that exceeds 15% of the total floor area will require Site Plan Review by the Planning Commission. If the scope of the project does not exceed that, it will be done as an Administrative Site Plan Review and handled through the Community Development Department planning staff.  

A development application and supporting documents must be submitted one month prior to the Planning Commission meeting date.  Once submitted, the development review process begins.

Staff from the community development department, the fire chief and the township's engineer will work with the applicant to provide opportunities for plan revisions through the development review process. This process allows the applicant to present the best possible plan to the Planning Commission. A meeting will be arranged if necessary, to have all parties involved discuss any changes that need to be made to help the plan meet all the necessary requirements.

Community development staff will provide the Planning Commission with a staff report that summarizes the project, and how the applicant has met all the minimum requirements and will often give a recommendation, sometimes subject to conditions.