Plainfield Charter Township Fire Department Vision and Mission Statement

Department Mission –

To provide those services, either proactive or emergency, necessary to protect and enhance the quality of life for the residents and visitors to Plainfield Charter Township.

Training Vision -

The Plainfield Fire Department Training Division exists to improve the professional standards of our emergency service personnel. We strive to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the safest work environment possible for our members.  A dedication to continuous professional growth and a commitment to meet high training standards allows us to provide an exceptional level of customer service and serve as a model benchmark for regional fire and EMS training programs in West Michigan.

Community Risk Reduction Vision -  

The Plainfield Fire Department’s vision for community risk reduction is to provide a comprehensive data-driven program within targeted areas of the community to reduce injury, deaths, property loss, and provide environmental protection.

EMS Vision -  

The Plainfield Fire Department’s vision for emergency medical services is to enhance the lives of Plainfield Township residents and visitors by providing a model EMS program using teamwork, integrity, and knowledge.

Facility and Apparatus Vision -

The Plainfield Fire Department’s vision for facilities and apparatus is to provide well-maintained, high-quality facilities and fleet that enhance the quality of life using prudent fiscally responsible measures to protect our residents and visitors.  We recognize the financial trust and integrity necessary to maintain the equipment that meets rigorous industry standards and we support the fundamental safety initiatives involving the facilities and apparatus.  The use of current and science-supported technology helps increase safety for our customers and responders.

Emergency Services Vision –

The vision for Emergency Services within the Plainfield Fire Department is to provide effective all hazard services in a quick and efficient manner that exceeds the community’s expectation.