THE Plainfield TOWNSHIP Cemetery and Columbarium The Plainfield Township Cemetery and Columbarium are located at 6205 Packer Drive NE, Belmont, MI 49306.

Please contact the Clerk's Department, (616) 364-6588, regarding the following:

  • Purchase a grave
  • Transfer ownership of a grave
  • Schedule a burial
  • Inquire about burial records
  • General inquiries

Please contact the Buildings and Grounds Department,  (616) 363-9399, regarding the following:

Foundation orders and placement * and general inquiries.

Plainfield Charter Township reserves the right to refuse permission to erect any cemetery memorial/marker, not in keeping with the rules and regulations of the Cemetery.

Foundations are poured by the Township in the spring and fall depending on inclement weather.

Rates and Charges

For a Cemetery map showing burial information, please click here.  Enter Plainfield or Oakwood in the search box, zoom in and you will be able to see historical burial information.