Tips for Absentee Voting for the November Election

As absentee voting continues to be popular among Township residents, the clerk’s office would like to provide helpful tips to voters for the upcoming Nov. 3 general election:

  • Dual applications: Residents who filed a dual absentee voter application for the August and November elections do not need to submit an application for the Nov. 3 election. Voters who did not select this option prior to the August primary must still fill out an application first before receiving a November ballot. Voters can check online to see if they submitted a dual application by clicking here and entering their voter information or driver’s license number. Under the “Absentee ballot” section, if there is a date under “Application received,” a dual application has been submitted.
  • Expect ballots to be mailed in early October: Ballots are expected to be sent out by the first week in October. Keep in mind absentee voters in the same household may receive their ballots on different days. 
  • Return applications and ballots early: Applications and ballots should be returned to the Township clerk’s office by mail or placed in the secured drop box outside of Township Hall as early as possible to ensure a smooth counting process on Election Day.
drop box
  • Sign and date the ballot: Once voters have completed their absentee ballot, they must sign and date the back of the green return envelope.
  • Tracking your ballot online: Voters can check to see if an application or ballot has been received by the clerk’s office online by clicking here and entering their voter information or driver’s license number. Keep in mind, applications and ballots can take multiple business days to be received by the Township office.

For more information and helpful links, visit the Township's  Elections & Voting pageElections & Voting page.