Newly Designed Absent Voter Ballots

The State of Michigan has redesigned its absent voter ballot envelopes to adhere to U. S. Postal Service standards. This change is effective statewide. Below is helpful information on the new design and mailing process.

Understanding the New Design

A blue envelope will be mailed to you with a green envelope inside. The blue envelope tells the postal service the ballot goes to the voter and the green envelope tells the postal service the ballot goes to the clerk.

Blue Envelope

Be on the lookout for the blue envelope in your mail with your name and address. The back of the envelope contains instructions on how to return your ballot. Inside the blue envelope will be the green envelope.

Do not return the blue envelope in the mail.



Green Envelope

The green envelope contains the secrecy sleeve and your ballot. The secrecy sleeve includes important instructions on both the front and back on how to fill out the ballot. Be sure to read all of the instructions carefully.

Once your ballot is completed, place it in the secrecy sleeve and put both items back into the green envelope.

You must sign and date the back of the green envelope or your ballot will be sent back. 



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