Fire Department Helps Train Next Generation of West Michigan Firefighters

FD academy class of 2022

Members of the Plainfield Township Fire Department recently helped 24 West Michigan firefighter academy students complete their training to become certified firefighters.

Students from the North Kent County Fire Academy gathered at Fire Station 3 on April 23 to take their final written and practical exams required by the state. This capped a nine-month program including about 300 hours of classroom instruction and field training in emergency medical services, CPR, hazardous material training, and fire and rescue operations, among others.

The North Kent County Fire Academy is one of two firefighter academies in Kent County, and a large majority of its instructors are Plainfield Township firefighters who teach students outside normal work hours.

“Being leaders in firefighter training is part of our identity as a department, and I’m pleased many of our firefighters pay it forward by helping students complete their training,” said Plainfield Township Fire Chief Steve McKellar. “These new firefighters can now bring their skills and knowledge to fire departments in the area, which ultimately makes our Township and surrounding communities safer since we often partner with local departments when responding to emergency calls.

“I’m proud of the role the Plainfield Township Fire Department continues to play in building the next generation of firefighters in West Michigan, and I want to congratulate the graduates of this year’s program.”

To become a certified firefighter, students must pass a 200-question written test and 12 field training exams. Enrollment for the North Kent County Fire Academy will open in mid-July and applications will be sent to local fire departments to distribute to their interested staff members. Training will start in the first week of October.

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