Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Works To Boost Redevelopment of Old Commercial Properties

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Did you know Plainfield Township has a newly created Brownfield Redevelopment Authority dedicated to revitalizing the Plainfield Avenue business corridor and other areas of the Township?

Developers are now able to work with the Authority to receive financial incentives to clean up contaminated property and redevelop properties that are obsolete. The Authority will work to establish a revolving loan fund, offer tax incentives, and be able to receive and provide state grants to developers of obsolete, blighted or contaminated properties. Developers or property owners interested in discussing these opportunities can contact the Community Development Department by calling 616.364.1190 or emailing

The Board of Trustees voted to create the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority to support the Reimagine Plainfield initiative and other areas of the Township that could benefit from its work.

The Authority is comprised of seven community members appointed by the Township Board who have experience in finance, environmental issues and property development. The Authority meets monthly or on an as-needed basis.

For more information on boards and committees in the Township, including how to apply to serve on one, click here.