Township Clerk's Office to Issue New Voter Cards

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If you are registered to vote in Plainfield Township, you can expect to receive a new voter information card this month from the Township Clerk’s Office due to statewide redistricting.

Your voter card is issued only for informational purposes to notify you where your precinct is located and which districts you live in. You do not need this card to vote.

If you plan to vote in person, review your new voter card carefully – your precinct location may have changed due to changes made by the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission and the Kent County Apportionment Commission.

You can also visit the Michigan Voter Information Center website to view this information.

The U.S. House of Representatives, state legislators and county commissioners are elected from districts. These districts divide residents into geographical territories. Every 10 years, the state Constitution requires the Redistricting Commission to set new voting districts based on new population data from the U.S. census.

Plainfield Township will hold two elections this year. The primary election will be Aug. 2 and the general election will be Nov. 8. The ballots will include U.S. representative, governor, state senator and representatives, secretary of state, attorney general and county commissioners.

For more information on elections and voting in the Township, click here.