Township Answers More Questions About Community Center Proposal

Plainfield Community Center - Exterior Concept (website)

The Nov. 2 ballot will include a millage proposal to finance the construction of a new Community Center.

As part of the Township’s ongoing effort to answer frequently asked questions about the project, staff is answering the following questions this week:

Who will manage and oversee the new Community Center?

The staff at the Belmont location of the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids will be responsible for managing and operating the facility at no cost to the Township. In return, the YMCA will be able to utilize the space to enhance YMCA programming when it is not in use by the senior program or another Township program and service.

What is the estimated cost of the new facility and how will it be funded?

The estimated cost to build the facility is $23.5 million. If approved, the millage proposal would increase property taxes by an estimated 0.9067 mills over the next 20 years, costing the average Township homeowner approximately $87 per year.

A mill is 1/1,000 of a dollar, or 0.001 cents. If a tax rate (or millage rate) is one mill, a resident is taxed 0.001 cents for every dollar of the taxable value of their property.

Currently, the average taxable value of a home in Plainfield Township is approximately $95,500. A property’s taxable value is located on each homeowner’s annual property assessment, which can be found here.

Property owners can calculate their own millage rate by dividing their taxable value by 1,000 and then multiplying by 0.9067 mills.

For example: $95,500/1,000 = 95.5 x 0.9067 mills = $87 per year.

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