Township Takes Action to Demolish Former Witmark Building

Witmark (website)

The Township will begin enforcement to demolish the former Witmark building at 4189 Jupiter Ave. due to its blighted and hazardous condition.

The decision to demolish the blighted building came during the Board of Trustees’ June 28 meeting. Under this action, the property will remain with the current owner.

“The removal of this blighted structure has been a major desire for community members,” said Plainfield Township Supervisor Tom Coleman. “This was a complex issue that required us to thoroughly examine all our options.

“I am pleased the Township listened to the requests from the community and was able to take action on this site to improve public safety and health.”

In 2020, the Township adopted the International Property Maintenance Code to streamline property maintenance regulations and enforcement processes, and enhance the Township’s capabilities to handle dangerous, vacant and blighted properties.

Witmark was a former catalog showroom, jewelry and electronics store that operated in West Michigan from 1969-97. The majority of the building has remained vacant for more than 20 years.

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