Latest Annual Report Shows Township Continues to Provide Quality Drinking Water

Water report (web)

The Plainfield Township Water Department has released its latest water quality report as part of its continued commitment to provide information to customers on its high-quality drinking water.

The 2020 Annual Water Quality Report includes facts about the Township’s water supply, tests results, definitions and details on Plainfield’s water quality and treatment process.

The Township’s municipal drinking water is monitored for hundreds of substances – including PFAS – on a strict sampling schedule and must meet specific health standards. The report uses data gathered by the Water Department from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020, and once again shows the Township continues to provide safe drinking water for its customers.

The Township’s investment in granular activated carbon, or GAC, filters for its water system continues to be highly effective in eliminating PFAS, bacteria, pathogens and other undesirable elements from drinking water. This is done through the use of activated carbon material that absorbs contaminants from the water as they filter through.

Earlier this year, the Water Department completed replacing filter materials with GAC in its final two filters. By converting the final two filters to GAC filtration, the Water Plant is able to treat an additional 2 million gallons of water per day with GAC and brings the plant’s total GAC filtration capacity to the maximum 16 million gallons per day.

Click here to access the report. For reports from previous years, click here.

For questions about the reports, contact Don Petrovich, water treatment plant superintendent, at 616.364.7174 or