Plainfield Firefighters Receive Award for Life-saving Efforts

Fire department award 2

Eight members of the Plainfield Township Fire Department recently were honored for their life-saving efforts during cardiac arrest incidents last summer.

District Chief Pat DuVall, District Chief Kyle Svoboda, Lt. Jerry Burk, Lt. Rick Rottman and Firefighters Andrew Horter, Jessica Herrington, Tom Daniels and Josh Higgins received the Life Saving Award from Kent County Emergency Medical Services. Through their life-saving rescues, several patients were able to walk out of the hospital and resume a normal or near-normal lifestyle. 

The successful efforts of the Plainfield Fire Department are a result of its continuous commitment to certifications and training. Several years ago, the Township authorized the department to pursue a Basic Life Support certification, enabling firefighters to provide additional life-saving services during critical incidents.

Congratulations to the Plainfield Township Fire Department on being recognized for its life-saving efforts and commitment to on-going training and education.