Reimagine Plainfield Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Reimagine Plainfield?

Reimagine Plainfield is a revitalization strategy for the Plainfield Avenue corridor to create a more sustainable area for residents, business owners and visitors. It promotes growth, reinvestment, and retention of businesses that support Township residents.

2. What is the Plainfield Avenue corridor?

The corridor is defined as the area along Plainfield Avenue from Four Mile Road to East Beltline Avenue/Northland Drive continuing north to the Grand River and south on East Beltline to Grand River Avenue.

3. Who created the Reimagine Plainfield plan?

The Plainfield Corridor Redevelopment Advisory Committee, which includes residents, business owners and Township Board members, has spent more than a year creating the draft plan. Committee members met with developers, commercial real estate professionals, transportation experts and environmental engineers to understand all the various issues facing the corridor and worked with Township staff and local consultants to put together the redevelopment plan.

4. What ways were community members involved in the plan’s creation?

The committee gathered hundreds of community responses through online surveys to better shape its vision for the plan. The Township also partnered with local architectural and engineering firm Progressive AE to conduct design sessions with community members.

5. Why is a redevelopment plan needed for the Plainfield Avenue corridor?

The corridor’s vacant storefronts, brisk traffic and lack of curb appeal does not provide a sense of community pride or help increase the Township’s economic prosperity. The Township’s location within a major urban area, easy access to jobs in the region, quality schools and natural amenities make it an ideal place to live. The Plainfield Avenue corridor should reflect the character and quality of the community.

6. How will the plan create a better future for the corridor?

Reimagine Plainfield envisions a corridor with a series of walkable, mixed-use areas connected by an improved roadway that safely move people and vehicles. Reimagining the corridor involves transforming vacant and tired properties by creating incentives for new developments that feature mixed-use, multi-story buildings. This includes changing zoning rules, working with the Michigan Department of Transportation on road rehabilitation work and encouraging efforts to add landscaping and trees along the corridor. The overall goal is to transform Plainfield Avenue’s low-density, vehicle-dependent, single-use developments into a dynamic area with more vibrant and denser mixed-use features where asphalt makes way for green space.

7. How will the plan promote growth, reinvestment and retention of businesses? 

Recommendations throughout the plan include programs, policies and regulations to improve the physical design and construction of public and private spaces such as street rights-of-way, parks and private development. New businesses in the Township will be economically viable – providing meaningful employment opportunities in attractive commercial centers. The plan will establish and implement standards for new commercial development to require and incentivize attractive development.

8. How long will this redevelopment take?

Reimagine Plainfield is intended to guide development for the next 20 years. Implementing changes to zoning and adding new mixed-use developments may be incremental, but will set the stage for long-term growth and investment in the corridor.

9. How will this affect my taxes?

This plan will have no effect on property taxes for current property owners. Michigan’s “Proposal A” from 1994 ensures property taxes cannot increase annually by more than the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is less. However, new development often increases property values for nearby properties. This means your property may quickly gain in value while the amount of property taxes you pay remains steady.

For more information about property taxes, visit

10. How do I read the full plan?

You can read a summary of the plan by clicking here or view the full plan by clicking here

11. Did the Township seek feedback from the community on the plan?

Yes. Once a draft plan was completed, the Township held eight community input sessions in April and May that included webinars, an in-person open house and a virtual public hearing for community members to provide feedback on the plan and ask questions to Township staff.

12. Where can I receive updates on Reimagine Plainfield?

Subscribe to the Township’s weekly newsletter at for the latest updates on this initiative. You can also visit for an overview of the project.

13. Who can I contact with more questions?

Email questions to or call 616.364.8466.