Parks & Recreation

covid-19 update: 5/28/2020


Due to COVID-19 and significant flooding at Versluis Park, Board members formally approved delaying the opening date of Versluis Park to Monday, June 22 at its May 26 meeting.

 The Township asks residents continue to maintain a safe distance of six feet from others and to wear a face mask when interacting with staff. More details on safety measures will be finalized in the coming weeks.

 Annual passes will still be available for purchase this year at the gate when the park is open.  However, please note that the park is still scheduled to close for the season on August 9.

The Township asks residents to refrain from disposing trash in any park waste bin as no Township staff will be emptying trash cans on a regular basis during this time. 

While the Township's other parks do not have gates that can be closed, the Township encourages residents to use best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Parks and Recreation
For a community to thrive, there must be dedicated spaces for recreation. These spaces provide us the opportunity to unwind, have fun and recharge. Plainfield Charter Township's Parks and Recreation Service recognizes this and works diligently to support and develop recreational areas and activities for the community of Plainfield Township. In an effort to more effectively do so, the Parks and Recreation Master plan was established and is updated every five years. Click HERE to download and read the Parks and Recreation Master Plan for 2020 - 2024!

Plainfield Charter Township maintains several community parks scattered throughout the township. Some, such as Premier,  Grand Isle, Versluis and the D. W. Richardson parks, are multi-use complexes, however most are simply designed for the enjoyment of our local residents. Our park system offers a variety of recreational accoutrements, including sports fields, lakes, great fishing, playgrounds, picnic spaces, and beautiful destinations for family outings personal breaks from the hustle and bustle of daily life!

Contact our Parks and Recreation Department at (616) 363-9399.