Kent County Road Commission

Kent County Road Commission

Who We Are

KCRC works to keep Kent County moving with a network of reliable, safe and convenient roads and bridges. We construct, maintain and preserve this network while collaborating with our townships and responding to the public’s needs. Our commitment to excellence is driven by our desire to employ best practices and efficient response times. Our experienced team takes pride in their work because– just like those we serve – our families drive these roads, too.

Founded in 1911, KCRC maintains nearly 2,000 miles of roads and over 170 bridges within the County of Kent, exclusive of those roadways and bridges that fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Michigan, cities and villages. The Road Commission also provides routine maintenance services, including snow and ice removal, for over 430 miles of state trunklines under a multi-year contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).


The Kent County Road Commission is dedicated to the effective investment of resources to preserve and improve the quality and safety of the county’s road and bridge network. Daily and ongoing efforts within the right of way align with this commitment and are divided among four categories: Routine Maintenance; Winter Maintenance; Construction/Engineering; and Traffic and Safety. To learn more, please select the category of interest from the drop-down menu.