Grand Rapids Gravel Mining Operation  - Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek Gravel Mine Permit Allows Work to Continue 

The mining permit for Grand Rapids Gravel expired in December 2018 but work to remove previously mined material on the site is permitted continue for two more years under the conditions of the prior mining permit. The company has accelerated the removal of mined material with additional trucks hauling minerals off-site in recent weeks.
The Planning Commission will review GRG’s request to extend its permit for three years at a special meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 29. The commission will then make a recommendation to the full Township board, who will consider the recommendation at a meeting in late February or March. 
Comments on this issue can be shared with the Planning Commission, Township Board and staff at

Public Information Meeting Scheduled for Nov. 19

Plainfield Township has received a request from Grand Rapids Gravel Co. to extend its gravel mining permit for the operation at Boulder Creek located at the intersection of Northland Drive and Cannonsburg Road. Before a decision is made, a public information meeting will be held to inform residents of this request and gather feedback. 
The meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Tribes Church, 6070 Kuttshill Drive in Rockford. If you are unable to attend you may stream the meeting online at or submit your comments by email to

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