Historical Preservation Advisory Committee

Plainfield Charter Township Historical Advisory Committee

Mission Statement:

Research, collect, present, maintain, display, promote, and publicize the heritage and history of the citizens, both native and settlers, for the purpose of providing to present and future generations of the community a factual historical account of the lifestyle, growth, and activities from the formation of the township to the present time in a format accessible to all segments of our community.


The Historical Preservation Advisory Committee, consisting of up to ten citizen members, including one member of the Township Board, is an advisory committee and will meet at least quarterly.  The Historical Preservation Advisory Committee will oversee the operation of the Hyser House Historical Museum and will consider opportunities to preserve the heritage of Plainfield Township in terms of protecting and preserving physical landmarks as well as written and photographic documentation of Plainfield Township history.  By appointing this committee, the Plainfield Township Board of Trustees establishes a means by which our history might be preserved as well as to demonstrate its commitment to assisting in this effort.  It is not the purpose or function of this committee to commit Plainfield Township to the expenditure of funds, to execute any documents binding the Township, or to direct the activities of Township employees without the express direction of the Township Board, acting as a Board, at a regular or special Township Board meeting.  Working with the Township staff, this committee may consider, advise, and report to the Township Board on matters related to this mission.