Community Center Advisory Committee Information

In 2019, the Board of Trustees created a Community Center Citizens Advisory Committee, established to:

  • Provide guidance regarding facility needs and design
  • Explore existing facilities of similar function, size, or scope
  • Participate in stakeholder meetings and solicit feedback from senior citizens
  • Serve as a sounding board to staff in the review and development of a new Community Center
Serving on the Committee are residents Deb Havens, Barb Jeltema, Mike Mitchell, Bob Smith and Nancy Wood.  Board members on the committee are Bill Brinkman, Jack Hagedorn and Susan Morrow.  Also serving is the Director of Northview Senior Citizens Programming Christine Friedt, Julie Bylsma of Northview Public Schools and Township Superintendent Cameron Van Wyngarden.

For a complete Committee description, click HERE. Review the Committee's agendas and minutes HERE.

Here is what the Community Center Advisory Committee has been working on.

  •  Interim Report Conceptual Design Plan - In May 2019  the first report of the Committee’s work was developed to identify and evaluate the space needs for the new facility. The report included the design principles which were identified by the Committee and were used in the development of the final design of the Community Center.
  • Community Center Survey Results - In May 2019, The Township collected the community's input through an online survey.
  • Public Feedback Report - In August 2019, the Committee continued to conduct multiple public feedback and outreach efforts to gather community input. The Committee created a report based on the input that outlined the various efforts that were undertaken by the Committee to engage the public in the planning and design process. The report also included a summary of the feedback received from community members and groups.
  • Schematic Design Report Presented to the Board of Trustees - In December 2019, the final report from the Committee was presented to the Township's Board of Trustees. The report detailed the floor plan and layout as well as interior and exterior renderings of the proposed new facility. 
  • Project Paused due to COVID-19 and until a more centrally located site could be identified.
  • Memorandum of understanding with the YMCA - In May 2021, the Board of Trustees approved a memorandum of understanding with the Belmont YMCA to locate the proposed Community Center on its campus.
  • Draft Floor Plan - In June and July 2021, the Township worked with local architectural firm Fishbeck to redesign the floor plan utilizing the design concepts identified by the Community Center Advisory Committee.